Cave & Wrecknight 2019

19 december 2018


During this evening event, international explorers, passionate divers, scientists and industry leaders share their experiences and explorations with a broad and international audience. This annual platform is initiated and funded by JP Bresser and Cees Den Toom as a means to give back to the diving community and hopefully motivate and support divers from different backgrounds and experience levels

As this is most likely the biggest Global Underwater Explorers event on the planet, spots are limited and we would like to offer you, our community, the rights for first seating, before we make this announcement global.

This years guests:

Christine Grosart and Richard Walker started working in Izvor Licanke in 2015. Since then, they have brought in four more members to the team, and even trained one of them to cave dive just so he could photograph and video the exploration as it happened. The story of this incredible exploration will include photos, video clips and some hilarious anecdotes from the project. The presentation will be delivered by Christine and Rich in their usual style of serious exploration combined with the inevitable humour when diving at this level.

JP Bresser & Andrea Marassich share similar history and long friendship dating back from being team members in de EKPP, Karst Odyssey project, MCEP, Siaan Kaan project and Project Baseline Sardinia.
Both are probably the most active GUE Cave Instructors in Europe and will present a short documentary on this years cave documentation project in the Sardinian caves

Sam Meacham is the Director of El Centro Investigador del Sistema Acuifero in Quintana Roo, Mexico. An experienced cave diver and diver educator, he remains committed to understanding the complex dynamics of the Yucatán Peninsula's karst aquifer, as well as the people affected by it. He has extensive experience coordinating cave diving expeditions in the region, the most significant of which is the ongoing exploration of Sistema Ox Bel Ha and the adjacent Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. Sam earned a Master’s Degree in Science in Natural Resources in 2012 from the University of New Hampshire, and he has been a Fellow of the Explorers Club of New York since 2000, a NASA Space Grant Fellow, and a Best of Adventure Honoree in 2008’s National Geographic Adventure Magazine and a National Geographic Grantee. Sam has appeared in documentary films for CNN International, The Discovery Channel, PBS, NHK, National Geographic, BBC and BBC’s Natural History Unit, including the critically acclaimed “Planet Earth” series.

Ben van Asselt & Wannes Engelen Project Westhinder started life early in 2017. During the yearly survey of what the members like and dislike within GUE-BE, it became clear that there was a lot of demand for project-related diving. GUE-BE. A few members had been part of GUE’s Documentation Contest in Croatia a while back, where several teams competed to document their assigned wreck in the best way possible. They found that diving the same wreck multiple times in succession adds an element to the dive: once you start knowing the overall layout of the wreck, you start paying more attention to interesting details. Combining these dives with conducting research on the surface and distilling all that information into a website dedicated to the wreck and its crew turned out to be a rewarding and fun thing to do. If we could do this in Croatia, why wouldn’t we be able to do this in our own North Sea?

Team members will give a short update on their progress since last years presentation on The Fourbanne Project.

Halcyon Dive Systems & SANTI Diving are sponsoring the event again with free Cave & Wreck night shirts, a soon to be collectors item.

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